Housed Torque Motor

Our housed torque motors provide high torque density at low speed in a traditional motor frame.

Available with the full standard range of Unimotor hd servo encoders, the motors can be configured to your specific requirements.


Direct Drive Technolog

  • High torque with low speed for maximum precision
  • Increased motor stiffness for dynamic operation
  • Short motor lengths
  • Easy maintenance
  • Less vibration for quiet operation
  • Increased efficiency
  • No need for mechanical transmission elements (gearboxes etc)

Range of options for customization

  • Large selection of encoders
  • Adapted shafts and flanges
  • Wide variety of connections

Main Characteristics

Ingress protectionIP65
Stall TorqueN.m20 to 35
Peak TorqueN.m60 to 105
​Max speedrpm1500
Frame Si​ze​​ (square)mm142
​Motor lengthmm187 to 247