CNC Encoder Repair

From lathes, to grinders and laser cutters, CNC encoders have many applications but issues can arise in their function and accuracy when used over a long period of time.


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How It Works

From quotation to repair: The repair phase starts with gathering as much information as possible, regarding your faulty encoders. We collect any in-situ video or photographic material along with details of the make and model of the encoder itself. We then utilise our repair hub and carry out signal and output tests to investigate any potential problems further.

Our Heidenhain trained technicians then get to work utilising one of the UK’s few CNC encoder repair hubs, complete with PWM21 Heidenhain inspection units and air/temperature controlled zones. All repair work takes an average of 4 hours to complete from receiving the encoder and comes with a detailed repair report upon completion.


On receiving your encoder, we carry out an initial inspection within 24 hours. This consists of monitoring the encoder output performance and providing a printable signal report. We then generate a quote outlining the issues we have discovered and any essential parts required. Once accepted, we get to work on the repair phase straight away.


Our repair hub comes complete with testing benches, scanning heads, test equipment and an air temperature controlled environment. Our detailed testing is designed to identify all potential problems before the repair stage and outlines the improved performance of the encoder once complete. Once repaired, we advise on re-installation, and advise on things like guarding, clean air regulation and how to keep your encoder contaminant free.


Once complete, your repaired encoder is delivered to you with a full 1-Year Warranty, from the date the repair was completed. All our warranties are designed to assure you that your returned encoder meets all the guidelines for future usage.

Working with over 200 brands

Common Faults In CNC Encoders

Encoders are extremely precise and sensitive, and used over time, they can encounter issues such as:

  • Positioning errors
  • Faulty LED’s on the product’s readout
  • Inconsistent and/or inaccurate speeds
  • Accuracy of the final machine cut differing from the initial settings
  • Contamination from swarf, coolant fluid and dust or dirt particles

Our encoder testing and repair environment is highly equipped, well regulated and contaminant free. This allows us to maintain an effective workflow with a short turnaround time.

Types Of Encoder We Repair

Encoders are diverse in their wide range of applications on the market. Our specialised team of technicians are trained to repair a wide range of brands and types. 

​Repairs carried out for such machines as:

  • ​CNC Lathes
  • Manual Lathes
  • Grinders
  • Laser cutters
  • Small millers
  • Knee mills

Encoder types including:

  • ​Rotary encoders
  • Linear encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Angle encoders
  • Incremental encoders

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

The Alpha Electrics 1-year Warranty on all servo motor and servo drive repairs gives you peace of mind and reassurance in the work we carry out on your servo motor and/or servo drive. In the unlikely event of a fault relating to our repair, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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