Regarded as a top tier manufacturer, Matrix has grown to become a global leader in the development
 of innovative electromagnetic brake solutions. 

Alpha Electrics has enjoyed a 20+ year relationship with Matrix and has a specialist testing
environment that supports testing their brake models alongside servo motors.

Matrix technology can be found in industries ranging from food and beverage, factories, material 
handling and packaging. Their products are often used in conjunction with motors manufactured 
by Siemens, SEM, Heidenhain and Control Techniques. 

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Matrix Brake Repairs:

Our Matrix brake repair work includes ranges such as AP and CBTB spring aligned electromagnetic brakes, and the ER, FB and PMB permanent magnet brake models.

Common issues often stem from continual wear and tear, and damage to the friction pad and to the brake hub.

Once we have received your faulty brake, our team investigates the cause of the problem within 2 hours of receipt. Our fault diagnosis procedure utilises electrical testing for issues such as faulty coils, and mechanical testing for issues such as faulty brake hubs.

If a repair is viable, we will then provide you with a detailed quotation, and are typically able to complete a full brake repair in approximately 4 - 5 working days (faster turnarounds available for business critical situations). If a repair is not viable, then our team can source a replacement at a reasonable price.

Each repaired Matrix brake comes with a 1-year warranty for reassurance in the work we have carried out.

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Matrix Brake sourcing:

When repair is not viable, Alpha Electrics can source Matrix industrial brakes specifically for your application, whether that is machinery utilising servo motors, or equipment such as forklift trucks.

Our sourcing capability also covers a wide variety of ranges and models including the EB, AB, ERD, ERDD and ERS models.

Currently, the lead time on sourcing new Matrix brakes is approximately 12 weeks.

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

The Alpha Electrics 1-year Warranty on all servo motor and servo drive repairs gives you peace of mind and reassurance in the work we carry out on your servo motor and/or servo drive. In the unlikely event of a fault relating to our repair, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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