CNC Machining Services

With a cutting edge CNC hub, Alpha Electrics produces one-off, low and high volume bespoke parts perfect for original equipment manufacturers.


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How It Works

Our engineers begin with fully understanding your machining requirements and reviewing all technical specifications. These are then used to create a quote outlining batch numbers, cost and estimated production time. Once approved, our highly skilled and experienced team of machinists then proceeds to the CNC production phase.

Refurbishments or repair require our technicians to reverse engineer the design by analysing a physical sample. The team takes into consideration the part’s intended usage and how it will interact with other components. For the more hard-wearing part, requiring greater structural integrity, a number of post-production machining, hardening and grinding processes can be utilised.


Accurately producing a mechanical part or component requires a detailed analysis of the part itself. When producing a brand new part, any available CAD or design specifications are examined thoroughly, before a pre-production sample is produced.


By way of clarification, we can produce a prototype sample before the entire order is completed. The sample is then delivered to the customer anywhere in the UK for final verification. Once verified, we then proceed to the 3rd stage.


Our engineers get to work producing the entire batch order utilising a CNC hub capable of micron level accuracy with anything it produces. This is just one reason why we are able to guarantee a high standard of quality with all our CNC work.

Small Batch Part Production

The durability of our part manufacturing service is perfect for any original equipment manufacturer requiring small batch parts for their operation. 

Our broad portfolio of work stretches from machines for small catering companies to cable winding manufacturers. We have produced parts for industrial conveyors, food processors, pressers used in packaging and even the aerospace industry!

Precise And Durable Bespoke Parts

Alpha Electric’s one-off, low and high volume CNC part machining is a cost-effective way to produce high-end prototypes using engineering-grade materials for almost any sector. 

Our micron level accuracy gives us the ability to produce a diverse range of products including rollers, shafts, spacers, blades and turned parts.

1-Year Warranty On All Repairs

The Alpha Electrics 1-year Warranty on all servo motor and servo drive repairs gives you peace of mind and reassurance in the work we carry out on your servo motor and/or servo drive. In the unlikely event of a fault relating to our repair, you can return it to us free of charge and we will resolve the issue immediately.

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